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This is the week when we’ll get the specifics on how Republicans intend to erase a $5 billion projected budget deficit without raising taxes. That’s because committee chairs in the House and Senate have to release and pass their budget bills out of committee before Friday.

The House HHS Chair will hold a news conference this morning to outline the $1.8 billon in cuts in his bill. (You can read the full schedule of bill releases here).

Gov. Dayton will sign the federal tax conformity bill this afternoon.

House Republicans will also hold a House K12 Finance hearing this morning on a sweeping K12 finance bill. The bill would dramatically alter the how the state’s schools are funded, change teacher seniority rules and would allow public money to be spent for low-income students to attend private schools.

Forum Communications says Republicans are moving forward with their budget plans even though they don’t think Gov. Dayton will sign the bills.

Dayton told the state’s teacher’s union that he would protect their bargaining rights.

The House Taxes Committee also approved a bill over the weekend that lowers the income tax rate but eliminates LGA for Minneapolis. St. Paul and Duluth.

Environmental groups are also criticizing GOP efforts to change LCCMR money is being used to fund projects that should be spent with general fund money.

Budget experts say tax hikes are slightly better for the economy than budget cuts.

Gov. Dayton wrote an op-ed in the Pi Press on Sunday. He says now is the time for tax fairness.

MPR takes a look at whether property taxes will increase if LGA funding is held harmless. The answer is probably but not as much as the tax would rise if LGA was cut.

The Pi Press takes a look at how much surplus cash the state’s HMOs need.

The Star Tribune says some people are giving money (above their taxes) to the state to help the needy or pay down the deficit.

Dayton backs GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann on the new Stillwater Bridge.

The Pi Press profiles Public Safety Commissioner Mona Dohman.

A Racino bill will be introduced this week. Supporters hold a news conference on the bill today. Running Aces, the track in the North Metro, says it won’t support the plan.

The Star Tribune says stadium opponents are on hold for now.


The U.S. and several European countries took military action against Libya over the weekend.

President Obama is on a trade mission to South America. He said Brazil’s democracy is an example for the Middle East.

USA Today says states are rushing to pay Medicaid bills.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will decide on the regulation of foreign-exchange swaps.

Several members of the delegation, including DFL Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken and DFL Rep. Collin Peterson, met last week to discuss the flood retention plan for the Red River Valley.

Klobuchar wants the Federal Trade Commission to investigate anticompetitive behavior for a drug prevents preterm labor in pregnant women.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz is backing a bill that would ban insider trading on Capitol Hill.

GOP Rep. John Kline holds an Education Hearing in Wilkes Barre, PA today.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum visited a levee in Newport as the city prepares for potential flooding.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen and DFL Rep. Keith Ellison hold separate meetings this week on the federal health care law.

Ellison spoke at an event hosted by the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson will talk farm issues in Ada today.

Race for Congress

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan is running an ad thanking GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack.

Republican Lee Byberg says he’s running for Congress again.

Race for President

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann says she’ll hold a video townhall in Iowa on Thursday.

The Star Tribune takes a look at “Brand Bachmann.”

Tim Pawlenty says he doesn’t want to slash defense spending.

Pawlenty was in Illinois over the weekend.

Pawlenty breaks out the bucks for a person who claimed to need bus fare.

Sarah Palin visited Israel.

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