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Gov, Dayton openly criticized the Republican budget targets as being harmful to start services and said a House Republican tax cut plan benefits the wealthy.

Watch video of Dayton’s newser here.

Dayton also released department letters outlining the potential impact of the GOP budget cuts. Read the letters here.

Dayton will discuss flood preparation efforts in Mankato and Winona today.

Dayton will discuss strategies to spur jobs and economic stability for African Americans and people of color at an event in north Minneapolis on March 30th.

Senate Finance Chair Claire Robling and House Ways and Means Chair Mary Liz Holberg will be on MPR’s Midday at 11am.

Some Minnesota cities are assuming state aid is long gone.

The expanded Medicaid program is a big help for the rural poor.

A study shows that the misuse of welfare money is minimal.

MPR says a plan to repeal Minnesota’s ban on nuclear power is in question.

A Senate committee approved a bill that would forbid teachers from striking.

It was one of many bills that target public employee pay that got a look on Monday.

A bill that would double prison time for sex offenders gets its first hearing today.

No compromise is reached on the lottery funded list.

MPR says More janitors were fired in Minnesota after an immigration audit.

GOP Rep. Morrie Lanning says there’s still no date on the stadium bill.

Lanning also downplayed a proposal put forward by the Timberwolves.

Republicans in the Senate say the NFL lockout could harm stadium efforts, if there are stadium efforts.

AP says there is a rural/metro divide for stadium plans.

The Racino bill could surface soon.

Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson is suing a California firm for alleged mortgage fraud.


Japan faces a nuclear disaster as radiation levels rise after a third blast at a nuclear reactor.


The NRA declines to meet with President Obama to discuss gun issues.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar wants rules on limiting oil speculation.

DFL Sen. Al Franken seeks net neutrality support at South by Southwest.

GOP Rep. John Kline says the education overhaul shouldn’t be rushed.

The House Appropriations Chair says Congress can’t defund the health care bill like GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann wants.

Bachmann says the budget will test their health care resolve.

Senate District 66 Open Election

Former DFL Rep. Mary McGuire is one of the latest candidates to file for the seat.

Race for Congress

DFL Rep. Ryan Winkler, of Golden Valley, says he’s thinking about running for Congress in Minnesota’s 8th District. Winkler is from Bemidji.

Race for President

A Gallup poll finds that Mike Huckabee and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann has the most intense following of the potential 2012 candidates.

The conservative FrumForum takes a look at which GOP candidate has the best “jobs plan.”


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