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Committee chairs in the House and Senate now have to get into the details of crafting a budget that includes spending cuts in expected growth. That’s because Minnesota Republicans have targeted spending cuts to erase the state’s budget deficit.

It means the battle lines over the budget have been drawn.

It also means that a lot of Republican members may have to take tough votes on bills that may never make it into law.

Read the House GOP targets and watch part of their newser here.

Read the Senate GOP targets and watch part their newser here.

Here’s video of the DFL newser here.

The political mapmakers are getting ready. That’s because the U.S. Census Bureau will deliver Minnesota’s 2010 Census results next week.

State officials have stepped up patrols of the Winona Bridge after sensors found that thousands of drivers are breaking weight restrictions. Engineers found there are corroded gusset plates on the bridge.

The Minnesota Senate has approved Larry Shellito as head of Veterans Affairs.

The U of M is planning for funding cuts and are planning to cut programs.

Ex-lawmakers now hold a fourth of the seats on the U of M’s Board of Regents.

Gov. Dayton will be on the Iron Range today to focus on economic development issues.

Dayton will visit Mankato and Winona next week to discuss flooding.

The Legislative Auditor will release a report today on the state’s Sex Offender Treatment Programs.

A bill allowing Sunday liquor sales will get a hearing.

A Minnesota lawmaker wants to make human cloning a felony.

A study says pharmaceutical and chemicals are widespread in Minnesota streams.


There were tears and anger at a hearing that focused on the radicalization of American Muslims. DFL Rep. Keith Ellison and GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack are mentioned.

Cravaack said The Council on American-Islamic Relations is a terrorist organization. A claim that fact-checkers say is a stretch.

L.A. County Sheriff Leroy Baca takes issue with a question by Cravaack regarding the Council for American. Here’s video of the exchange.

Minnesota’s Muslims say they’re disappointed and skeptical after the hearing.

DFL Sen. Al Franken pushes for sexual orientation protection in school.

The U.S. Intelligence Chief says Moammar Gadhafi’s regime will likely prevail in Libya.


Republicans passed a bill that would end collective bargaining for public workers. AP says the move could spur a counterattack on the GOP.

Wisconsin’s Senate leader says the efforts to end collective bargaining also had to do with defeating President Obama in 2012.

SD66 Special Election

Filing begins today for the Special Election in Ellen Anderson’s open Senate seat. Darin Broton, of Tunheim Partners, says he’s not running for the seat.

Race for Congress

Democrats are searching for a candidate to challenge Cravaack.

Race for President

Tim Pawlenty campaigned in New Hampshire yesterday.

MPR says he’s builing a political team that is turning heads.

Pawlenty says the U.S. should try to stop winning a popularity contest.

Pawlenty also had dinner with a lawmaker who authored the so-called “birther bill.”

Pawlenty will also be in South Carolina next week.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann will campaign in New Hampshire this weekend. She is circulating a letter among House members saying they won’t vote for a continuing resolution unless it removes $105 billion fom the federal health law.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Bachmann is “imagining things” if she thinks the spending in the law was “hidden.”

Mitt Romney cut a check to Chip Cravaack.

Former PA Sen. Rick Santorum could be a force in Iowa.

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