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MPR says Gov. Mark Dayton sits down today with Minnesota mayors as Republican lawmakers consider enforcing a local property tax cap.

Republicans in the House and Senate take aim at teachers’ bargaining power.

The Star Tribune takes a look at how difficult it will be for lawmakers to balance the budget through spending cuts alone.

The Pi Press takes a look at the debate over cutting Health and Human Services programs.

Republicans are also targeting restrictions on new coal plants.

A Hennepin County judge dismissed a challenge to the state’s gay marriage law.

Gov. Dayton says he won’t be doing a weekly radio show. WCCO offered a dramatically different proposal than the station gave Tim Pawlenty and Jesse Ventura.

Several political veterans, including Vice-President Walter Mondale and GOP House Speaker Steve Sviggum, are pushing to change how the state draws its political maps.

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak talked entrepreneurship and Surly Brewing at his State of the City address.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman and other city leaders support a school reform plan.

Hutchinson Technology cut hundreds of jobs.

The CEO of Wells Fargo says business leaders are uneasy about spending their cash.

A bill would exempt ethanol plants from one environmental review.

Dayton will speak at this year’s MinnRoast.


President Obama is resisting calls for military action in Libya.

Senate Republican leaders are putting pressure on their moderates who are balking at voting for a bill that produces deep spending cuts.

The CBO says Senate Democrats proposed $6.5 billion in cuts is actually $4.7 billion.

In a hidden video, an NPR executive, who has left NPR, slams the Tea Party and questions the need for federal funds.

A tax complaint was filed against Norm Coleman’s American Action Network.

David Petraeus says he sees military progress in Afganistan.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar proposed tighter teen driving laws.

DFL Sen. Al Franken will keynote the Michigan Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner on April 16th.

GOP Rep. John Kline wants the Mine Safety Administration to release secret audits of the agency.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison says radicalization is an issue for all religions not just for Muslims.


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker offered concessions on the union bill.

Race for Congress

The campaigning has already started in Minnesota’s 1st.

Race for President

Tim Pawlenty says he wants to be “every person’s candidate.”

Dana Milbank skewers Pawlenty by saying he’s running as someone else.

A fact-checker says Bachmann’s claim that President Obama “snuck in” $105 billion into the federal health care law “is bordering on ridiculous.”

Here’s a look at Mitt Romney is downplaying Iowa.

Salon says Romney is still the favorite.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    The Republican Attack on Education continues.

    Republican Aristocrat David Hann and his wealthy Bearpath constituents can’t afford the income tax rates they paid just 12 years ago. So the Republicans continue to hack away at Minnesota’s once proud public education system. The Bearpathers need that cash to put their kids through Blake and Breck, so it’s understandable they don’t mind the bloody wreckage they leave for the rest of the state.