Speaker wants legislator to seek help

House Speaker Kurt Zellers is asking Rep. Mark Buesgens, R-Jordan, to seek “additional professional evaluation,” following the legislator’s latest run in with police.

Buesgens is on probation for a drunken driving offense last year. The Shakopee Valley News reported that Buesgens was stopped Wednesday in Scott County on a possible violation of court conditions barring alcohol use and drinking and driving. He was reportedly released with a warning after passing a blood alcohol test and field sobriety tests.

Zellers issued a written statement this afternoon.

“I have not yet spoken with Representative Mark Buesgens. Representative Buesgens has taken responsibility for his actions in response to violating his probation. These allegations are serious, and we expect Representative Buesgens to continue to take responsibility for his actions. We will support and pray for him in his recovery effort, and have requested that he seek additional professional evaluation and follow all recommended action.”

  • Chris

    While he’s at it, maybe Buesgens could seek some counseling for his anger management issues too.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    First Buesgens says he had no drinks, then two drinks, then one. Now we know who does the math for the Republican budget.

  • sam

    Local media need to be consistent in their bias, front page, sensational headlines, such as: “Buesgens Problems: Drinking and Homeless.” Why not? Is it because he’s a White Republican lawmaker? Fact: He’s a convicted drunk driver, and now violated his parole. His house was going through foreclosure, someone stepped in to stop it, and now he admitted it will go into full foreclosure. Is he “homeless” now? Is he living the darker side of the American dream, or at least caught in the housing crisis? Why not?