Pawlenty climbs in poll of Republican insiders

A new National Journal poll has former Gov. Tim Pawlenty running second only to former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney on the question of who is most likely to win the 2012 Republican nomination for president.

The National Journal describes its “Political Insiders Poll” as “a regular survey of political operatives, strategists, campaign consultants and lobbyists in both parties.” Participants were asked to, “rank from one-through-five, the top five contenders who they think are most likely to capture the GOP 2012 presidential nomination.” A first-place vote gives the candidate five points; a second-place vote is worth four points and so on.

Romney ended up with 83 points. Pawlenty had the second-place ranking at 58. For Pawlenty that’s a 25 point jump from the poll’s January results.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who like Pawlenty has been positioning for a possible presidential run, did not register in the National Journal survey registered with only 2 points, the same as Donald Trump.

  • Denny

    Thankfully Michelle Bachman is dropping off ther radar. As a former MInnesotan, I’m embarassed that she represents my home state. Both she and sarah Palin have long since used up their :15 of fame. Send Palin back to Alaska to finish the term she quit to make more money and abandoned her state.

  • The Gipper

    Run, Michelle, Run!

    Help push the GOP more to the right, and help re-elect the President!