More on the governor’s lack of a radio show

We reported earlier today that Gov. Dayton announced today that he won’t be hosting a weekly radio show. He rejected every bid that was put forward.

WCCO, which hosted the weekly radio show for the Independence Party’s Jesse Ventura and the Republican Party’s Tim Pawlenty, submitted a bid but it was dramatically different than what they proposed in the past.

The weekly show for Ventura and Pawlenty were given a Friday morning, 9AM slot. Update to fix: Ventura’s show aired at 11am on Friday. Pawlenty’s aired at 9am on Friday. The two were also allowed to do remote broadcasts and select their own hosts.

WCCO offered Dayton an hour on Saturday morning at 7 o’clock.

WCCO also said it would not pay for engineers or equipment for remote broadcasts (except for the State Fair show). Both Pawlenty and Ventura were given that luxury by the station. They used it to broadcast from the governor’s annual fishing opener and other events.

Finally, WCCO recommended that Dayton host the show with Ted Mondale. Pawlenty’s sidekick was his Communications Director, Brian McClung. Ventura’s sidekick was his spokesman, John Wodele.

I e-mailed WCCO’s Mick Anselmo to see why WCCO changed their proposal but he hasn’t gotten back to me. He did respond to MinnPost’s David Brauer by saying they still want to host his show.

WCCO’s decision comes less the six months after WCCO’s Michelle Tafoya gave money to Dayton’s GOP rival, Tom Emmer, in the race for governor.

Here’s WCCO’s RFP to Dayton:

Full disclosure: MPR News did not submit a bid to host the governor’s radio show. Dayton, however, is on MPR’s air on a regular basis.

  • john fangman

    What does say about the local stations–fear or the right. Thanks WCCO has convinced me they are no longer on my dial

  • Chris

    Whatever you think of their political views, Ventura and Pawlenty were gifted communicators, and Dayton is not. Anybody who’s heard tapes of them speaking would know why the terms of the offer changed.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    @Chris, nice try at spinning this but FAIL.

    Painting this as anything but WCCO’s blatant political bias against the Democratic Governor requires serious suspension of disbelief. Shall we wait for the rest of the Press to investigate the Republican financial connections here? Will they name the big time WCCO advertisers on the political Far Right? Does the name Starkey sound familiar?

    Tom, are you on this one?

  • Jamie

    My jaw is still hanging open. What an insult! What a blatantly biased action! I am just disgusted! And disappointed that Dayton’s office didn’t make these details available in their statement about not choosing a show. Republicans would have been all over it, making a big public stink if the same thing had happened to them.

    Pawlenty is NOT a gifted communicator. He’s a slimy communicator. I could never stand to listen to him. I’ve heard parts of his presidential campaign speeches, and he’s terrible at that kind of speech too.

    Ventura wasn’t a gifted communicator either, but his bizarre and brassy style sometimes made him mildly interesting to listen to, even if just for laughs.

    Dayton’s arguable lack of communication skills has nothing to do with WCCO’s offer. I’m going to let them know what I think of what they did.

  • Sheila Kihne

    It couldn’t possibly be that Mark Dayton knows he’s completely incapable of hosting a radio show. The man is officing in a closet for Pete’s sake. The spin MPR.

  • Marie McNamara

    Too much overanalysis by armchair quarterbacks. Saturdays are a good time to listen for many of us. Weekdays are not as easy to listen in for those working. I hope the Governor chooses to speak to us on a radio program.

  • Colin

    Who regularly gets up and turns on their radio before 7am on a Saturday? I’d like to see a report on listener numbers at that hour.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    @Sheila, your Governor is gently beating the public opinion tar out of your can’t-seem-to-come-up-with-a-budget Republican Legislature. Hosting a radio show ought to be a piece of cake. Maybe your agitation stems from fear he might get an even bigger megaphone?

  • Sheila Kihne

    Oh Ralph I would LOVE a Dayton radio show. I’d be a regular caller. It’s hilarious how he’s now playing his regular “victim” role and blaming WCCO for everything. I’m confused didn’t other stations make him offers? I wonder if he’ll have his dogs as his sidekicks– or if he’ll broadcast out of his closet.

    I also wonder why he doesn’t just buy whatever time slot he wants….I mean he bought all that other ad time during the election.

  • Jamie

    Sheila Kihne, you are a typical mean-spirited Republican (actually, “mean-spirited” seems like too mild a term for many of you). It’s like those tv shows about narcissistic back-stabbing teenagers were your only education. Well, that and the Republican-as-Slimy-Machiavellian training that you all seem to take.

    I’ve never seen Dayton play a “victim role” and he’s not playing one now. He didn’t even make any marketing hay with WCCO’s despicable offer, as he should have.

    Dayton is not a great public speaker, but he definitely could do a radio show with co-hosts and guests. He’d probably get more comfortable with it and skilled over time.