MnDOT weighs in on transportation bill

Minnesota Department of Transportation commissioner Tom Sorel is weighing in on the House transportation omnibus bill, just hours before Republicans start debating it on the House floor.

He takes issue with cuts to transit service and passenger rail planning, and a technical measure on how state funding is controlled.

Here’s the letter.

MnDOT letter

Republican Rep. Mike Beard, of Shakopee, who chairs the Transportation Finance and Policy Committee, said, in effect, that Minnesota ain’t seen nothin’ yet, as he spoke at a pre-session press conference this morning.

He said that he and his fellow Republicans think the state’s transportation governance system–including the Met Council, the opt-out suburban transit systems, regional rail authorities and the Counties Transit Improvement Board — is too complex. He said he expects it, at the Legislature’s direction, to undergo a major reconfiguration “in the next 21 months.”

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