Let the mapping begin…

Minnesota will get a better sense of how the population has changed over the past 10 years when the U.S. Census Bureau releases new data tomorrow.

The Census Bureau says it has shipped Minnesota’s 2010 Census data to Gov. Dayton and legislative leaders, and it will release the information this afternoon. The information will include the number of people living in Minnesota and exactly where in the state they live. State lawmakers and the governor will use the data to redraw the boundaries for the U.S. House districts and the state’s legislative districts.

Minnesota will keep all eight of its Congressional seats, but the boundaries will have to be redrawn so that each district has an equal population. Minnesota’s legislative districts will also be redrawn to account for population growth.

The GOP controlled Legislature is expected to present it to Governor Dayton later this year. The courts would likely get involved if he and lawmakers can’t agree on a plan.

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