Franken supports Libya action, wants to know how much it costs

More members of Minnesota’s Congressional delegation are weighing in on American military operations in Libya.

DFL Sen. Al Franken said today he supports the mission. But in a statement to MPR News, Franken also suggested that the Obama administration needs to better explain the mission’s goals.

“While I personally believe that Qaddafi should go, people need to understand that the purpose of the force we’re using is specifically to protect civilians, not to coerce a regime change,” Franken said.

At a time when Congress is debating how deeply to cut spending, Franken also called on President Obama to clarify the financial costs of the military operations in Libya.

Here’s the full statement:

“The Libyan government’s violence against its own people is completely unacceptable,” said Sen. Franken. “Innocent civilians in Libya must be protected from massacre by Qaddafi and that is why I support the action the president has taken so far. Our participation is limited in scope and duration, the president has stated categorically there will be no U.S. ground troops deployed, and we are working in partnership with an international coalition enforcing a U.N. resolution.”

“While I personally believe that Qaddafi should go, people need to understand that the purpose of the force we’re using is specifically to protect civilians, not to coerce a regime change. The president also needs to clarify how much this operation is going to cost American taxpayers, and how it’s going to be paid for. I look forward to the Administration consulting with Congress in more detail on that and other issues related to this operation.”

  • Jason Yawn

    Your support for this “kinetic military action” is disheartening in the extreme. You support it, but want to know how much it will cost? What kind of suckers do you think we are? You know such costs can’t be calculated where there is no clear mission, and all future plans are based on “circumstances on the ground”. This is just a token question posed by you to make your support for a completely irresponsible act seem measured. Do you actually think anyone is going to be prevented from dying by a no fly zone, when you can’t distinguish between Gadhafi’s forces and civilians? This is a quagmire you’re supporting Al. I thought the reality-based community had an ally in you sir.

  • Dave Blah

    LIBERAL HYPOCRITES. A black Democrat comes along, throws a bunch of expensive weapons around, and you support it! For shame! I’m embarrassed to have ever supported you. People DIED! What if Bush had done this? Attacked a country without consulting Congress? Spent millions of our tax dollars on military hardware when we can barely afford to pay teachers or build bridges? HYPOCRITES! HYPOCRITES!

  • k bose

    I saw a Senator form MD along with others ask, how much it will cost, when will it end, then what etc.

    Are you kidding?

    Does any one know when it will rain next, or earth quake where , when and how much/

    We are fighting a good cause along with most of the sane world nations. To get rid of a dictator, who is killings our brothers and sisters.

    We are sharing the burden of assisting other regional nations, to get ris of a snake.

    The quicker and stronger we attack the sooner we will finish, decisively.

    Do not listen to all the ifs and what next?

    The people of Libya like those in Egypt can take care of themselves. We can withhold assistance and continue the restrictions if the party coming into power do not proceed with elections and constitutional government. I have no doubt they will. We still hold the big stick. We do not have to invade any one. We will stand for a good cause and the entire world including a billions Muslims applaud and pray for us.