Dayton wants more compromise

Gov. Mark Dayton has signed an alternative teacher licensure bill, which he says could set a bipartisan example for the rest of the session.

The new law allows nontraditional teachers and mid-career professionals an easier path into classrooms, especially in low performing schools. Standing next to Republican and DFL supporters of the measure, Dayton said today (Monday) that the bill showed how compromise can work. He suggested the same approach can also work on the budget.

“We achieved this together in a spirit of what was best for the people of Minnesota,” Dayton said. “And if we can follow this example, for the rest of the legislative session, for the rest of the next two years, we’ll achieve a great deal all of us working together for the people of Minnesota.”

Dayton is proposing tax increases to help erase a $5 billion budget deficit. Republican leaders say they oppose any tax increase, and will offer a budget based on available revenue.

  • Huh, is Dayton shooting for a surplus?

    Because the fiscally sane Legislature won’t hemorrhage money like Dayton so there is no need for a tax increase to balance the budget.

    The only way there is a deficit is if the new legislature rubber stamps the old one. This is just plain lazy reporting at best, and intentional bias at worst.

    We can spend 10% more than last budget with out a tax increase.