Dayton “still optimistic” about May 23 deadline

The governor talked about the House K-12 bill briefly this afternoon, but also talked about the endgame for the session.

“I’m still optimistic we’ll be done by May 23rd,” he said.

“My request would be that they pass the conference reports for anything with revenue or spending, and then lay them on the table,” Dayton said, “so again they can see, and I can see, and most importantly the people of Minnesota can see that they have a balanced budget that’s been confirmed by Management and Budget and the Department of Revenue as adding up, as being based on valid assumptions. And then we’ll have a starting point.”

He called those terms part of “an ongoing discussion.”

There’s some nuance to what he had to say, so we’ll let you hear it for yourself:

Gov. Dayton’s March 30 comments

As an added bonus, here’s the four letters the Dayton administration sent the Senate on the state government and veterans services bill this afternoon.

The Office of Enterprise Technology letter

Office of Enterprise Technology letter to MN Senate

Department of Administration letter:

Department of Administration letter to MN Senate

Minnesota Management and Budget Department letter:

Department of Management and Budget letter to MN Senate

Department of Revenue letter:

Department of Revenue letter to MN Senate

  • Jamie

    The Capitol View page loads R – E – A – L – L – Y slowly. I’m guessing it’s because of all those letters. They always seem to slow things way down. Maybe you could utilize a different application to post those. Like just links to PDFs or something. It’s kind of a pain to visit here.

  • Jamie

    //”As an added bonus, here’s the four letters…”//

    That’s “… here ARE the four letters…”

    I guess you don’t have editors for blogs, eh?