Dayton skeptical about K-12 bill

Gov. Mark Dayton says he’s not too happy with the K-12 bill passed by the House early this morning.

“Abolishing integration aid and abolishing the funding for special education is just not something I could support,” he said. “I’m glad they raised the per-pupil aid formula. That’s something I recommended in my campaign. But I suggested doing it by increasing taxes on the very wealthiest Minnesotans, and once again, I’m baffled why everyone says that everyone has to share the pain, but they won’t raise a tax dollar on millionaires and multimillionaires.”

Dayton spoke after a photo session this afternoon with the state wresting champions. His comments follow a letter issued last night to the House, regarding the bill as it was being debated. Here it is:

Minnesota Department of Education to MN House

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