Dayton introduces changes to campaign finance law

Gov. Dayton is holding a news conference this hour to outline changes he’d like to see made to the state’s campaign finance disclosure system. Dayton is asking the Legislature to pass a law that would require elected officials, political campaigns and political committees that have received or spent more than $5,000 ina year to file quarterly campaign reports with the Campaign Finance Board.

Current campaign finance law only requires such committees to file one year-end report in non-election years.

“For far too long, special interests have hidden their influence on the legislative process in Minnesota, because of weak contribution reporting requirements,” Dayton said in a statement. “Current state law allows political contributions in non-election years to be hidden for thirteen months. That is disgraceful. Minnesotans have a right to know who is paying whom for influence at the Capitol.”

Dayton says he’ll voluntarily release his campaign finance reports quarterly to set an example.

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