Dayton backs Bachmann on new Stillwater bridge


DFL Gov. Mark Dayton today endorsed a plan for a new four lane bridge over the St. Croix River at Stillwater. Dayton toured the old lift bridge today at the invitation of Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Dayton commended Bachmann for her legislation that would override National Park Service objections to the proposed new bridge. That would clear the way for construction of a new bridge, but would not fund it. A few weeks ago some environmental groups asked Dayton to reject plans for the new bridge, but the governor says it’s necessary.

“It’s not a project that satisfies everybody,” he said. “It’s very difficult to build major transportation projects by consensus, but the economics as well as the social vitality of this region as well as the safety of public transportation from one side of the river to the other all to me point to the need for another bridge, a new bridge.”

Bachmann says she thinks her bill will pass in the House. It would need approval in the Senate as well, and Dayton stopped short of saying he would lobby Minnesota’s senators to pass it.

  • Bill

    Michelle’s bill is an earmark. How on Earth will it pass the house? Republicans hate earmarks.

  • Mike Wilhelmi

    It’s not an earmark. The bill contains no funding, only a permission from Congress to allow the project to go forward.

  • Karl

    Dayton sold us down the river. A little over a month ago he announced that all options were back on the table. Did anyone in the media ask him what other options he considered in the past month, and how much time he spent considering them?

    I’m sure we can look forward to his support for the Poly-Met mine next.