Dayton asks lawmakers to vote against his tax plan

Republicans in the Minnesota House and Senate are trying to highlight disapproval of Gov. Mark Dayton’s budget proposal by voting today on his tax plan.

The GOP opposes Dayton’s proposal to increase income taxes on top earners with a new fourth tier of 10.95 percent. Sen. Geoff, Michel, R-Edina, offered an amendment to a tax conformity bill to put the DFL governor’s plan to a vote.

“I believe there will be bipartisan opposition to the governor’s tax plan,” Michel said. “I think it’s important to get it on record today.”

Dayton described the action as “juvenile political theater.” He sent a letter to Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook, urging him and other Legislators to vote against the amendment “as a way to reject this charade.”

“My tax and budget bills have not yet been finalized or sent to you, because I am waiting for the Department of Revenue and Management and Budget to complete their analyses of the new budget forecast,” Dayton wrote. “The amendment being offered today masquerades as my bill for the sole purpose of political game playing.”


The Senate rejected the amendment, with 63 members voting no. The only yes vote was Sen. David Tomassoni, DFL-Chisholm.


The House vote was unanimous, with 131 no votes.

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  • Bob Gaylord

    Who in the world wrote that headline??? The headline: “Dayton asks lawmakers to vote against his tax plan” is grossly inaccurate. Governor Dayton asked legislators to vote against the Republican amendment. I quote Governor Dayton: “The amendment being offered today masquarades as my bill for the sole purpose of political game playing.” MPR, please get your facts and headlines straight.