Business groups spend most on lobbying in 2010

As in previous years, The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce spent more than any other group on lobbying the Minnesota Legislature and other state agencies (like the Public Utilities Commission) last year. The Chamber reported spending $1.8 million in 2010.

Otter Tail Power Company was second on the list. The power company spent $1.2 million on lobbying in 2010.

The Minnesota Business Partnership spent $920,000.

Education Minnesota, the state’s teacher’s union, spent $900,000.

The Minneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians spent $720,000.

The Minnesota Chamber, the Minnesota Business Partnership and Education Minnesota are typically at the top when it comes to lobbying at the State Capitol.

Otter Tail Power Company’s lobbying expenses ticked up because the company was working to get approval of the Big Stone Il power plant proposal completed.

Update: Otter Tail Power Company’s lobbying expenses were expended at the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission on their rate case and a part of the CapX2020 transmission route permits and certificate of need. The company withdrew from Big Stone II in 2009.

The Minneapolis Radiation Oncology Physicians are lobbying to keep a state ban in place on new radiation clinics. State law forbids radiation centers from being build unless it’s attached to a hospital.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board released the figures for 2010. You can find more here.

  • Lana

    The Chamber and other pro-business, pro-jobs groups have alot of territory to cover in the legislature. There are many committee and many bills that affect their interests. So, they probably have more staff.

    Education MN only has to cover a few committees and is focused on only one issue and that is teacher’s work requirments, pay and benefits. Considering this, I would say that proportionately to their interests, Ed MN is inundating legislators with lobbying efforts for their narrow focus of issues.

  • grasshopper


    Education Minnesota, teachers, public service workers, are just getting unjustifiably hammered by the “pro-jobs” republicans. Education Minnesota has a LOT more territory to cover. Their trying to SAVE jobs. They have way more than “one” issue!

  • grasshopper

    Sorry for the misspelling – THEY’RE trying to save jobs.