Budget bill timeline

Republicans in the House and Senate have started rolling out the budget spreadsheets and some of the written language for their budget bills.

The chairs of each budget committee have to move their bills on to their finance committee by Friday of next week.

Here’s the timeline for when the bills will be released (some of which have been released in spreadsheet or bill form already – You can find the links to those pages below):

Minnesota House:


Taxes Committee will meet starting at 10 a.m. and hopes to pass its bill by the end of the day.


11 a.m. news conf on HHS billl w/ Rep. Abeler in Rm 125 State Capitol

State Government Finance Committee will release its bill

Transportation Committee could vote out its bill pending debate, testimony, amendments

K12 Committee will walk thru bill

Environment Committee will take up its bill at 6 p.m.


Ag, Jobs, Judiciary and Public Safety will unveil their Finance bills. Docs will be posted online.

Higher Ed will take up its bill.


All finance bills must pass their Finance Committee by midnight

Budget Documents on the House Web site:

All budget documents are being posted to the Committee pages on the House Web site. Documents currently posted include:

Property Taxes


Higher Education



Note: K12 will be posted when it is completed – either later tonight or tomorrow.

Republicans in the Minnesota Senate are publishing their budget spreadsheets here.

Here’s the tentative rundown on when the budget bills will be released:

Senate GOP budget release

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