Bachmann part of House effort to stop health care overhaul funding

Rep. Michele Bachmann and two other GOP House members introduced a bill to remove up to $105.5 billion in automatic funding for the Democratic-led health care overhaul.

Bachmann released this statement about the bill:

“The American people sent us to Washington to repeal ObamaCare and cut spending. The Healthcare Fiscal Accountability Act is commonsense legislation designed to remove the automatic appropriations for ObamaCare and instead give each Congress the opportunity to fund, or not fund, the President’s health care program. We must ensure that future Congresses are not bound with a stack of post-dated checks, like the ones that were slipped in ObamaCare,” Bachmann said.

According to the news release, Bachmann’s bill has 30 original co-sponsors.

Bachmann claims the funding was surreptitiously included in the health care bill authorization even though authorizing bills often include some funding.

  • Joseph R. Messina

    It seems that the present congress is business as usual the funding should be cut by 100b thats why they were sent to washington