Bachmann ahead of Pawlenty in latest Gallup poll

A new Gallup Poll of more than 1,000 Republicans and Republican-leaning independents has former governors Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney leading the pack of possible 2012 GOP presidential candidates. About 19 percent of those polled said they’d back Huckabee, which puts him slightly ahead of Romney who got 15 percent support. Just 5 percent of those polled said they’ve back Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty garnered just 3 percent.

The poll taken March 18-22nd also sought to determine what would happen if Huckabee chooses not to run. In that scenario, Romney got 19 percent support but was closely followed by Palin at 17 percent. In that no Huckabee scenario, Bachamnn still got 5 percent compared to Pawlenty’s 3 percent.

  • Zeke

    Congresswoman Bachmann is also ahead in the fund-raising dept. She has raised over 20 million dollars thus far. This is more money than Mr. Pawlenty has raised in his entire political career.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Q: Is Pawlenty the next Harold Stassen, perpetually running for President, but never taken seriously?

    A: No, Stassen differs from Pawlenty in that Stassen served Minnesota with distinction as Governor, before he ran for President.