The Daily Digest

The chair of the Senate Tax Committee is looking at tax expenditures to help balance the state’s budget.

Minnesota’s mayors are hoping for a budget compromise that protects LGA. Some mayors pledge to hold the line on property taxes in exchange for stable LGA funding.

Legislators hear public criticism of Gov. Dayton’s tax plans in a Minnesota House committee.

A developer floats an idea for a casino in downtown Minneapolis. The Minnesota Indian Gaming Association says it is opposed to any gambling expansion.

The PoliGraph says Governor Dayton’s proposed tax hike is big but may not be the biggest.

The New York Times takes a look at the lengths New York City tax administrators will go to determine the length of time a person lives in New York City versus their other home. Gov. Dayton’s tax bill tightens the regulations on how long someone can live in MN without paying taxes.

Gov. Dayton is headed to the National Governors Association meetings in Washington D.C. today. Dayton will also meet with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today. He meets with President Obama on Friday.

There are some worries that a federal government shutdown could slow census information to Minnesota.

A House Environment panel may overhaul the LCCMR projects recommended by the legislative-citizen advisory group.

Dayton says early planning is key to flood preparations.

Profits at Minnesota banks have tripled in 2010.

The DNR is likely to cut the number of moose hunt permits in half.

A new report on broadband availability in Minnesota shows huge disparities.

An investor group seeks land for an Iron Range racetrack that could include a casino.


Wisconsin’s governor revealed his strategy during a prank call by someone posing as one of the Koch brothers.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison calls Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker a “dictator.”

Voices for Conservative Women, a conservative group based in MN, launched a petition drive supporting Walker.


The Obama Administration drops its defense of the federal Defense of Marriage law that bans same sex marriage.

President Obama dispatched Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for talks on Libya.

The U.S. and the EU are threatening Libya with sanctions.

Iran’s influence is growing as unrest continues in the Middle East.

Federal agencies are preparing for a shutdown.

House Republicans put forward a $2 billion a week in cuts bill that would keep the government running.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum will make three stops in her district to highlight the impact of the House budget cuts.

A Wall St. report says the House budget cuts would be a drag on the economy.

A Minnesotan will be part of President Obama’s jobs council.

Former State Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm says food safety improvements are overblown.

The EPA issues scaled back emission rules.

DFL Sen. Al Franken visited Morris to discuss renewable energy.

GOP Rep. John Kline discussed his recent trip to Afghanistan and the budget battle in Congress on MPR’s Midday.

McCollum missed more than half of the votes on amendments to the spending bill. McCollum was excused from the votes because she was in Yemen over the weekend.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison will speak today about tolerance and civility at an interfaith forum in Minneapolis.

2012 Race for President

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann tops Tim Pawlenty in a Gallup presidential poll.

The Hill takes a look at how GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is crafting her message for a potential 2012 run.

Bachmann objects to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s definition of a hate group. The SPLC lists Bachmann on its militia enablers list.

Tim Pawlenty says President Obama can be beaten in 2012.

Pawlenty made his comments on Fox News. He also bashed Democrats in the Wisconsin Senate for fleeing Madison.

Pawlenty also issued a “Stand with Walker” video that encourages people to sign a petition. FYI – such petitions are then used by politicians (on both political sides) as fundraising tools for their respective political campaigns.

Sarah Palin will travel to India.

Mike Huckabee rips Mitt Romney and the Massachusetts health care law.