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Some in the GOP, particularly freshmen, say they’re open to new revenue to fix the state’s budget problems. The comments buck GOP leadership who insist that no new money is needed to balance the state’s budget.

The owner of Block E wants to turn it into a casino.

The state’s cash flow problems are likely to continue.

The Senate GOP backs off a plan to repeal the MA expansion.

A House Committee will consider Gov. Dayton’s bonding bill proposal today. Dayton touts the jobs that would be created in the construction sector as a result of the bill.

Gov. Dayton holds several meetings today in the metro on flood preparedness.

The Vikings are looking at the the Star Tribune property for its new stadium.

The U of M rallied for funding at the State Capitol.

A survey of manufacturers shows positive signs for the economy.

A Minnesota bill would broaden CPR training for daycare. Supporters started pushing the legislation after four year old Hannah Kozitza died after choking on a grape.

Minnesota landed $187 million under the federal health care law.

Dayton says he’ll restore cuts to health care and nursing homes if the state’s economic picture improves.

Metro Transit buses and trains could hike fares by 25 cents.


A new USA Today/Gallup poll says 61% oppose limits on bargaining rights for unions.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker had a fireside chat to discuss his position.

He also warned that layoff notices could go out soon.

Hundreds attended a labor rally in the State Capitol. You can listen to Dayton’s speech here.

Wisconsin lawmakers start to take up a bill to cripple the state’s labor unions.

Democrats also left the Indiana House to avoid a vote on labor issues.

MPR takes a look at the wage differences between public workers in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

GOP governors are taking aim at unions.

Walker’s bill could also jeopardize federal funds for transportation.


President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, was elected mayor of Chicago.

Oil prices have soared after political turmoil started sweeping the Arab world.

Omar Gaddafi refuses to cede power in Libya.

A third federal judge oks the federal health care law.

Politico ponders whether the GOP has the edge if there’s a shutdown.

Crossroads GPS, a conservative group, is running ads ripping DFL Rep. Tim Walz for his vote on the budget bill.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar discussed the federal deficit and education policy at Shattuck-St. Mary’s.

2012 Race for President

South Dakota Sen. John Thune passes on a run for the president.

The Fix says Pawlenty benefits from Thune’s departure.

Newt Gingrich is confronted over his past affairs.

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