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The House and Senate will meet today to vote on the University of Minnesota Regent selections. The DFL is likely to challenge it.

The GOP says public employees need to be a part of the state’s budget solution but won’t say whether they support ending collective bargaining.

Dayton says Minnesota is managing public employees better than Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Senate will convene without Senate Democrats.

MPR says Governor Dayton is not the only governor who wants to raise taxes. Also, more than thirty states have raised taxes to balance their budgets in the past three years.

The Pi Press takes a look at whether top earners will leave if an income tax hike is enacted.

Nursing homes are taking large cuts under Dayton’s plan.

New teacher licenses stand to shake up Minnesota classrooms.


Anti-government protesters took over Tripoli in Libya. The leaders there warn of a civil war.

Now what? The House passed a bill that cut $61 million in spending. The big question is whether they push those cuts against a reluctant Senate and President Obama.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum made a quiet trip to Yemen.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar wants housing for homeless vets.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann, GOP Rep. John Kline, former Sen. Norm Coleman are backing Tom Emmer’s RNC Committeeman bid.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison encourages Wisconsin union members to “keep on fighitng.”

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson flipped on net neutrality.

Peterson, Klobuchar and others push for better flood retention in northwest Minnesota.

GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack says Calvin Coolidge is the president he admires most (sans Reagan).

2012 Race for President

Tim Pawlenty will be in Nevada today.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann spoke in South Carolina over the weekend. She called the U.S. tax code a “weapon of mass destruction.”

Bachmann defends Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s move on collective bargaining.

Two of Bachmann’s aides leave.

Tim Pawlenty is on the cover of the March 7th edition of the National Review.

Pawlenty also tells Walker to “stand strong.”

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