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Gov. Dayton and GOP lawmakers are back to square one when it comes to the state’s budget deficit. That’s because Dayton quickly vetoed a bill that cuts $900 million in state spending.

You can read the veto letter here.

Dayton will travel to northwest Minnesota with DFL Sen. Al Franken to hold flood preparedness meetings.

Dayton suggested on MPR’s Midmorning that his income tax hike may be temporary.

The Metrodome will get a whole new roof.

Ramsey County is poised to negotiate with the Vikings over a new stadium site.

The House approved a bill that would streamline permitting.

The Minnesota House passed a bill that would allow another pathway to teaching.

The Pi Press says parties are split on union, workforce and wage bills.

For example, the Minnesota Senate passed a bill that would freeze salaries for public school employees.

Also, a state workforce reduction bill moves through another committee in the Minnesota House.

Dayton hired the former finance chair for his gubernatorial campaign to run the Minnesota Trade Office. He’s also backing away from a campaign pledge to close the office and roll it into the governor’s office.

The PoliGraph says Dayton got his job numbers claim right.

A bill would repeal limits on new coal plant construction.

A bill pushes to try preteens as adults.

Dayton picked Dan Boivin to lead the Metropolitan Airports Commission.

Surly brews ambitious plans for a restaurant complex. Summit Brewery’s owner warns their could be consequences if Surly competes on the distribution side.

Supporters of same sex marriage held a rally at the Capitol.


Egypt’s President gives up some power but still clings to power.

President Obama says he backs an orderly transition in Egypt.

The Labor Department says the number of people applying for unemployment benefits plunged last week to the lowest level in nearly three years.

Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl says he’ll retire in 2012.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar wants the FDA to address a shortage of the shingle vaccine.

DFL Rep. Collin Peterson joins the CPA Caucus.


Governor Pawlenty will deliver his speech to the crowd this afternoon. The Star Tribune has some excerpts.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann woke the crowd up with a roaring speech on Thursday morning.

Pawlenty appeared on The Today Show and responded to Dayton’s criticism that Pawlenty left him a fiscal mess. Pawlenty also said “his wife” is the only thing that could keep him from running.

Pawlenty is also building a team of supporters from the Capitol.

Politico says the 2012 field falls short at CPAC.


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