That didn’t take long. Dayton vetoes budget bill

It took Gov. Dayton less than two hours to veto a bill that cuts $900 million in state spending. The Minnesota Senate passed the bill earlier today on a party line vote and sent it to Dayton. The measure cuts funding for higher education, health and human services programs and aid to cities and counties. Republicans have argued that cuts were a good start in fixing the state’s budget.

In his veto letter, Dayton wrote that the cuts in local government aid would force local governments to raise income property taxes and that their plan is unconstitutional because it doesn’t specify where the governor should cut $100 million in spending. Dayton also complained Republicans in control of the House and Senate should address the state’s $6.2 billion projected budget deficit in totality instead of taking a piece meal approach.

Dayton will release his budget plan next week. He said he’ll increase income taxes on Minnesota’s top earners to solve part of the deficit. Republicans oppose a tax increase of any kind.

Here’s Dayton’s veto letter:

veto letter

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