Stanek not interested in 2012 run

Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek told MPR News today that he won’t run for the U.S. Senate in 2012.

“I’m not interested in running in 2012,” Stanek said. “I’m focused on being sheriff over the next four years.”

Stanek won re-election in 2010. Several Republicans have suggested that Stanek as a possible candidate against DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar. Stanek intitially told MPR News that he had no comment when asked about a run. But now, he’s taking his name off the table.

“Amy is my friend,” Stanek said. “We work together on several issues. She’s good for law enforcement.”

Stanek’s comments come one day after MPR published a story on the Republicans who are thinking about challenging Klobuchar. His decision means that there is one less Republican in that group.

  • Ginny

    They’re all afraid to run against Amy!

  • Kenats

    How can he run for anything without being asked to name the 33 terrorist organizations threatening Ramsey county that he claimed to be tracking? Numbers like that got his office lots of Homeland Security money, but now he can’t name them even though they were (still are?) a threat. Either he fabricates things or can’t keep track of very important things – take your pick.

  • bluehorse


    You have the wrong sheriff. Stanek is sheriff of Hennepin County. Sheriff Fletcher WAS the Ramsey Co sheriff tracking those organizations. Get your facts straight before you criticize.

  • KellyO

    I am a Mpls DFLer through and through, but I think Rich Stanek is a great Hennepin County Sheriff and I’m glad he’s staying put.

  • Eric Mitchell


    You’re thinking of our former Ramsey County Sheriff now night watchman, Bob Fletcher. Rich Stanek is a great sheriff over in Hennepin County.

    Rich decided to shed that partisan bs when he left the legislature and it has served him and the county residents well. Problem is, the republicans are full of wing nuts and want someone to promise to do nothing but bash the opposition before the y give their endorsement. Stanek may be too even keeled to garner their support.

    Besides, Amy Klobuchar is the most popular Senator running for re-election in the country. She is doing an absolutely fantastic job. They will really have to get nasty and tear her down to break into that support, and Stanek doesn’t seem to be about that nonsense.

  • Jamie

    That’s funny. I don’t know what kind of job he’s doing across the river, but I’ve always thought that Stanek remained very political and self-promoting even as Sherriff.