Rep. Bachmann headed to New Hampshire

A staffer with Rep. Michele Bachmann confirmed to Minnesota Public Radio News this morning that the Minnesota Republican will take her message to New Hampshire on March 12th.

In a written statement Bachmann spokesman Andy Parrish said Bachmann was looking forward to the trip.

“As a small business owner, former Federal Tax Attorney, and mother of five, she knows first hand what is at stake in the next election. She is committed to doing everything she can to repeal President Obama and replace him with a Constitutional Conservative.”

It’s not clear exactly what Bachmann will be doing and where she’ll be appearing in New Hampshire next month.


A Pawlenty aid confirmed the former Minnesota Governor will visit the Granite State on March 10th. Pawlenty will speak at a “Granite Oath,” gathering. “Granite Oath,” is a conservative political action committee. Pawlenty was last in New Hampshire in January to sign copies of his book, Courage to Stand. Pawlenty also spoke at a forum in Bedford on his last trip there.

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