Pawlenty puts out video in support of Wisconsin Gov.

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s Freedom First PAC website now features this short video in support of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.

Pawlenty is urging people to sign a petition in support of Walker who, along with other Wisconsin Republicans is battling Democrats over a plan to restrict public employee collective bargaining rights.

On his PAC website Pawlenty credits Walker with making “tough choices” and writes, “The gig is up for public employee groups who demand better benefits than the taxpayers who are paying the bill. I’m confident Gov. Walker’s reforms will succeed in Wisconsin. Stand strong, Scott — average taxpayers everywhere are rooting for you.”

  • Tim Pawlenty said, “The Situation in Wisconsin totally reminds me of the movie Armageddon.”

  • Heidi R

    State employees are taxpayers too. I am a taxpayer and teacher in your state, Tim, and my benefits are terrible.