MNGOP won’t disclose recount fundraising

The Republican Party of Minnesota and Republican Tom Emmer’s campaign for governor will not disclose the money it raised to help with the recount. Minnesota Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton said today that the group created a separate corporate account, Count Them All Properly Inc., for their recount efforts. He said they won’t disclose the amount of money raised or by whom — and state and federal laws don’t require them to release it.

That’s counter to Sutton’s past comments where he said they would run their recount funds through The Minnesota Republican Party. Those funds would have been disclosed if Sutton and others accepted the funds through the Republican Party’s main account.

When asked about the discrepancy between his past statement and the decision to not disclose the funds, Sutton said “We changed our minds.”

  • Frusterated

    I wish that somebody would investigate further the monies that funded the campaign of Tom Emmer. Tony Sutton’s restaurant in Inver Grove Heights recently closed (among others) due to financial problems. I personally know that the restaurant was making money and that deposits were being made every night. I have been informed that deposits were not making it to the bank for the restaurant accounts and that there are a lot of questions of where that money “dissapeared” to. Employees at the restaurant could’nt even count on their payroll checks clearing the bank which caused dedicated employees in jeporady of losing housing and other vital ways of life. In my opinion Tony and Brigette Sutton are crooks that need to be investigated for all the wrong doings they have played a part in for the past year or so! Thank you for taking the time to read my comment and God Bless!

  • Jamie

    Frusterated, you should ask one of the local news programs to look into this. KSTP loves a scandal, but they also love Republicans, so I don’t know if they’d do it. Wouldn’t hurt to ask them – or one of the other stations.

  • Laura Davis

    The mud has been thrown. Let me know if it sticks. What a disgusting way of slandering someone.

  • Frustrated’s Attorney

    I wish somebody would investigate Mr. Frustrated. I personally know how much he makes a year and I don’t think he pays enough in taxes. He might be a tax cheat. He also looks kind of funny at the children in our neighborhood. Perhaps someone should do a story on him based on my outlandish statements. Give me a break.