House Tax Chair sets up distinction with Dayton on Taxes

Governor Mark Dayton will release his budget plan today at 10:30 and it’s expected to include a new income tax rate on Minnesota’s top earners. At the same time of the news conference, GOP Rep. Greg Davids of Preston will be holding a hearing on bill in the House Tax Committee that will let Minnesotans voluntarily contribute money to the state treasury.

“Well, that’s interesting how that scheduled out here,” Davids said. “I think it’s very timely because we will allow people in this state to contribute if they want to.”

The bill would require the Revenue Department to include a line on the tax form that either allows filers to contribute part of their refund or increase their required contribution to the state.

Davids, who says Dayton’s tax plan will go nowhere in his committee, says his bill is aimed to those who tell him they want to pay more in taxes. And he admitted that there a few more than he would have thought that have made the request.

“I’m not saying a million have come to me but over a hundred have come and said ‘We want to pay more in taxes”,” Davids said. “I say ‘God Bless you,’ write the check out and send it here.”

Davids said those who usually tell him they want their taxes raised also want the state government to raise taxes on everyone else. Something he says he won’t do this year.

Davids says he doesn’t expect the voluntary contribution to erase the $6.2 billion budget deficit. It’s also unlikely to generate as much as Dayton’s income tax plan.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    ROFL. Now the Republicans want to make income taxes voluntary. Well, that’s about as realistic as the rest of their program.

  • Dave Boone


    I too am ROFL, but for different reasons. Davids is employing a huge element of snark here. Obviously this is not meant to make taxes voluntary in general. I can’ t believe have far your have extended yourself to miss the point.

  • Colin

    The thing is, he wants to make income taxes voluntary, but his party’s Ways and Means chair wrote HF130. That Republican bill would make property tax hikes mandatory through statewide refund cuts. It’s an age-old game called bait-and-switch.

    If you show them how silly the DFL tax hikes on the rich are on one hand, they won’t see the other Republican hand hiking taxes on the middle class and poor.