House passes permitting bill on eve of report

The Minnesota House voted to send Gov. Dayton a bill that would streamline the permitting process for businesses across Minnesota. The House voted to speed up environmental reviews and permits for businesses 87-44.

Supporters of the bill say it would improve the state’s business climate and would require the MPCA and DNR to rule on permit applications within 150 days.

Democrats argued that it allow businesses to commissioner their own draft environmental reviews. They also complained that the House was acting on the bill one day before a comprehensive look at the state’s permitting process is released. The Legislative Auditor is scheduled to release his permitting report tomorrow morning.

Gov. Dayton says he’ll probably take the full three days before he decides to sign or veto the bill. He said he wants to read the Legisaltive Auditor’s report. He also said he intends to meet with some environmental groups that have raised concerns over the bill.

Dayton has signed an executive order in January that would streamline state permitting.

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