Dayton isn’t gambling on gambling

Governor Mark Dayton says he doesn’t intend to rely on any gambling revenue to help balance the state’s budget.

Dayton said during the race for governor that he would support a state owned and operated casino at the Mall of America or the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport and use the revenues it generates to help balance the state’s budget. But he’s now backing away from those claims. He told reporters that his budget plan will not include gambling.

“It wouldn’t have any impact on the biennium so I wouldn’t expect to have any money from gambling in my budget on February 15th,” Dayton said.

Dayton said that his plan to erase the projected $6.2 billion deficit will include an income tax increase on top earners but is also warning that there will be painful cuts to state programs. There are several groups lobbying for increased gambling this session. Those measures include video slots at bars and allowing slot machines at the state’s horse tracks.

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