Bachmann to speak at Republican Leadership Conference

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann says she’s going to speak at the 2011 Republican Leadership Conference and Reagan Centennial Celebration.

It’s set for June 16-18 in New Orleans.

The announcement calls the gathering “the most prominent Republican event of the year.”

Just last year it was merely the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. But this year organizers say, “we’re inviting the whole country.”

Well, most of them. The speaker list also includes Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and presidential contenders Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney as well as Donald Trump, who’s floated a trial balloon on the idea.

No Tim Pawlenty yet, though.

The then-governor was scheduled to talk to the group last year. But he had a scheduling conflict with the return of troops from the Middle East. Presumably, he’ll be free this year.

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