Bachmann to host Tea Party Town Hall

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann will host what is being dubbed as the first ever “Tea Party Town Hall” with several other lawmakers. The Tea Party Express announced on its website that Bachmann will join Iowa Rep. Steve King, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and Senator Mike Lee of Utah at an event on February 8th in Washington D.C. All of those lawmakers are a part of the Tea Party Caucuses in their respective legislative bodies.

CNN says the lawmakers will take questions from a live audience and from people watching the event on the internet.

This isn’t Bachmann’s first event with the Tea Party Express. The group live-streamed Bachmann’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union.

  • Chris

    And you conservatives thought you elected Bachmann to represent you in Congress. She just won an election not four months ago, got sworn in not more than a month ago, and she is already campaigning for an election that won’t take place for another 33 months. So what were your criticism of Barack Obama on the campaign trail for 2 yrs (Despite McCain having been on it for a few months longer?) Can we say “Hypocrites!”?