An 11-year-old may have worked his way into Dayton’s speech

Jason Thormodson is going to get his name in the history books. The 11-year-old from Madelia is more than likely going to get mentioned in Gov. Dayton’s State of the State. The reason: Thormodson was one of the many Minnesota Farmer’s Union members who visited with Dayton on Tuesday.

“Are you going to talk about farming in your State of the State address?” Thormodson asked Dayton.

Dayton said yes. He then added “What do you think I should say?”

A stunned Thormodson was speechless at first. Sensing Thormodson’s hesitation, Dayton asked Thormodson what he thinks is important about agriculture.

He then asked his spokeswoman, Katharine Tinucci if she was taking notes. “I’m going to put this in (his speech),” Dayton said.

Thormodson mentioned farming, the seeds and the ability to feed the world through farming.

“What kind of farming does your family do?” Dayton then asked Thormodson.

Thormodson told him his family farm deals with cattle, soybeans and corn.

“Are you going to be a farmer when you grow up?” Dayton asked.

“I’m going to be a mechanic,” Thormodson replied.

“So you’re going to fix machines?” Dayton asked.

“I’m going to fix the machines that my dad breaks,” Thormodson said.

Thormodson then smiled when Dayton told him he would single him out during the speech.

“If you’re really bored tomorrow over the noon hour you can listen in on my speech and I’ll put your name in it,” Dayton said. “Or I’ll send you a copy of it.”

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