The Daily Digest

Gov. Dayton will hold a news conference this morning to discuss his key members of his leadership team on jobs and economic growth. A new DEED Commissioner will be named at the newser.

Republicans in the House and Senate released the first phase of their budget balancing plan. The $1 billion in cuts target LGA, HHS and the PCR. It would also capture $200 million in funds from state agencies. Dayton says he wants a full budget approach as opposed to a “piecemeal” approach.

A GOP bill would also freeze teacher pay and restrict wage strikes.

Dayton and lawmakers say they’ll continue discussing security issues at the State Capitol.

Dayton’s ideas for a Welcome to Minnesota sign needs a little work.

Minnesota could still get a $1 million health grant from the feds.

The MPCA says it’s issuing business permits more quickly.

A report says the Minnesota Sex Offender program needs both space and money.

Dozens of charter schools lack a sponsor for next year.

More college students are seeking mental health help.

The DNR missed a deadline on Mississippi corridor rules.

Northstar ridership fell 21% below expectations.

Ag Commisioner Dave Frederickson appointed Matthew Wohlman as his Assistant Commissioner. Wohlman, who was the outreach director for DFL Rep. Tim Walz, will oversee regulatory activties within the department.


The House is set to vote on a bill that would repeal the health care law.

A new poll shows that more Americans dislike the health care law but only a few want it repealed.

Minnesotans stake out their turf on the health care repeal.

GOP Rep. John Kline is looking for ways to repeal the so-called employer mandate in the law.

Minnesota Democrats are pushing back on the repeal efforts.

Republican leadership in the House show restraint when it comes to the term “job killing.”

The fight over the health care law is likely to be waged at least for the next two years.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann says the repeal vote isn’t a “check box.” She said Congress is set on repealing it or defunding it.

GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack penned an op-ed explaining why he opposes the health care law.

President Obama ordered agencies to review regulations.

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman will not run for reelection.

North Dakota Sen. Kent Conrad is also retiring.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar urges the federal government to jumpstart innovation.

DFL Sen. Al Franken isn’t happy with the Comcast/NBC merger. The FCC and the Justice Department both approved the merger on Tuesday.

Franken says federal testing methods will come under scrutiny as Congress considers reauthorizing No Child Left Behind.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz invited GOP state Sen Julie Rosen to the State of the Union.

St. Paul broke ground on the Union Depot renovation. DFL Rep. Betty McCollum is mentioned.

House District 5B

There will be a crowded DFL Primary in the race to replace Tony Sertich.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

The Star Tribune says several Democrats in the Legislature don’t believe Pawlenty’s claim that a legislatord would use the I-35W bridge collapse to “carve me up.” Pawlenty, who made the claim in the book, isn’t saying who made the comments on the night of the collapse.

Gov. Pawlenty signed books in Woodbury on Tuesday.