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Democrat Mark Dayton will take the oath of office today. He will be the 40th governor in the state’s history.

He’ll be at odds with a GOP controlled Legislature. Dayton and Republicans, who will take control of both the House and Senate on Tuesday, will inherit a $6.2 billion projected budget deficit. Dayton is pushing for a tax increase on top earners. GOP legislative leaders say they won’t raise taxes but have yet to offer any specifics.

Dayton tells the AP that Republicans better meet him part way on revenue.

“The reality is they’re going to be up in 2012,” Dayton told the AP. “I’m not going to be up until 2014,” Dayton said. “If we incur the wrath of the voters by our failure to serve the interests of the people of Minnesota, they get to face that wrath before I do. I’m very hopeful that won’t occur.”

On Tuesday, Dayton will sign an executive order to expand the state’s Medicaid program.

Last Friday, Day, appointed commissioners of Health, Education and MPCA.

Dayton and the Legislature will also have to address the Vikings stadium issue.

State Attorney General Lori Swanson sued 3M over pollution. Swanson says 3M polluted the state’s waters.


The 112th Congress begins on Wednesday. MinnPost has some important dates to circle.

Republicans in the House will aim to repeal the health care overhaul bill.

President Obama signed the 9/11health bill.

An Obama aide warns Republicans not to play “chicken” with the debt ceiling. GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is urging people to sign a petition not to raise the debt ceiling.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty ends his eight years in office today.

He’s embarking on the next phase of his political career as he quickly hits the road to tout his new book (which is released next week).

Pawlenty will also keynote the MN Commercial Association of Realtors program.

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