Dayton’s cabinet almost full

Governor Dayton has made 17 of the 24 commissioner appointments he needs to make. Here’s a list of who he’s selected and the list of departments that he needs to fill.

Agriculture Department – Dave Frederickson

Commerce Department – Mike Rothman

Education Department – Brenda Cassellius

Department of Employment and Economic Development – Mark Phillips

Department of Health – Edward Ehlinger

Department of Human Services – Cindy Jessen

Iron Range Resources – Tony Sertich

Department of Labor and Industry – Ken Peterson

Minnesota Management and Budget – Jim Schowalter

Metropolitan Council – Susan Haigh

Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission – Ted Mondale

Department of Natural Resources – Tom Landwehr

Pollution Control Agency – Paul Aasen

Public Safety Department – Ramona Dohman

Revenue Department – Myron Frans

Department of Transportation – Tom Sorel

Veterans Affairs – Larry Shellito

Positions left to be filled:

Department of Administration

Bureau of Mediation Services

Department of Corrections

Office of Enterprise Technology

Office of Higher Education

Housing Finance Department

Human Rights Department

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