Dayton to release budget plan on February 15th

Governor Mark Dayton’s spokeswoman Andrea Mokros says Dayton will release his budget plan on February 15th. State law requires the governor to present his budget plan by the 15th and Dayton is using the entire time to put his budget together.

Dayton is tasked with putting together a two-year budget plan that erases a $6.2 billion budget deficit. He has said he wants to increase income taxes on Minnesota’s top earners but will also need to come up with billions of dollars in cuts to balance the budget. The governor also said he’s “going to everything he possibly can” to honor his commitment to increase funding for K12 schools every year he’s governor.

Dayton is still in the process of assembling his cabinet. He said the recount in the race for governor forced a slowdown in offering jobs to potential cabinet members and his ability to put together a budget plan.

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