Dayton needs some work on his sign idea

Governor Mark Dayton says he’s not bothered that Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker is trying to lure businesses away from Minnesota with a new road sign. Walker was busy travelling the state today to tout a new sign that proclaims “Wisconsin is open for Business.” The sign will be placed on the state’s border crossing and is aimed to convincing business leaders that Wisconsin is a low cost state.

Dayton said he wasn’t insulted by the road sign and said the citizens of Wisconsin and Minnesota share many common values. But he was stumped when asked what he thought Minnesota Welcome sign should be:

“We’re a great state for anyone to live in and do business and we’ve proven that in the past and we’ll continue to prove it in the years ahead,” Dayton said. “I’ll have to narrow that down to a few words,” Dayton said to laughs. “It’s always been my problem”

Question of the Day: What should Minnesota’s Welcome Sign say?

Side note: Dayton said he’s still waiting for a check from Wisconsin regarding the $58 million in late income tax reciprocity payments. Dayton said he expects the full payment with interest. He told MPR News he has a conference call scheduled with Walker later this week.

  • Chris

    “Minnesota: The only bastion of culture beetween Chicago and Seattle.”

  • bigchicken170

    Welcome to Minnesota: Open for worthwhile business

  • Jacob

    Welcome to Minnesota! We’ll have high-speed rail!