Bachmann gets the SNL treatment

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s entry into presidential politics and her rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union is getting her national attention.

That includes Saturday Night Live, which poked fun at Bachmann’s response. CNN aired Bachmann’s speech live but it appeared awkward because Bachmann wasn’t looking into CNN’s camera but into the camera hosted by the Tea Party Patriots. That means most of the people who saw Bachmann’s response were wondering why her gaze was slightly off kilter. Anyway, here’s the SNL skit making fun of it:

On the policy front, Bachmann is also getting criticized by some Veterans Groups. Several have ripped her for calling for cuts to Veterans Affairs. They say it’s unfair to cut funding for veterans who have just returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. Bachmann has said her budget proposal is meant to “generate discussion.”

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