MNGOP punishes Horner supporters

Delegates at today’s Republican Party State Central Committee approved a 2-year party ban on 18 high profile Republicans who supported Independence Party candidate Tom Horner. The list includes former GOP governors Al Quie and Arne Carlson and former US Senator Dave Durenberger.

On a 59 to 55 vote, the motion would forbid them from being Republican delegates or attending the Republican National Convention in 2012. Supporters of the motion say it would hold people accountable for calling themselves Republicans yet supporting a rival candidate.

Delegate Jim Newberger of Becker says Democrat Mark Dayton may not be leading the recount if the endorsements for Horner didn’t occur.

“These people, their money and their influence, possibly cost us 8,000 votes,” Newberger said. “These are some big names. But it’s time for the Republican Party to grow a spine. Either you’re a Republican or you’re not.”

But other delegates said the motion would make the party look vindictive. Jen De Journett of Maple Grove, says the proposal would make the party look bad.

“Even if we pass this motion, we can’t exactly take away a former governor’s title,” she said. “We can’t vote people out who may or may not live in this state and we’re going to look like a bunch of goofballs.”

Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton says the motion will be difficult to enforce but he said he understands the frustration of Republicans who think Horner could have cost Emmer the election. Sutton, who caught fire during the campaign for calling Republicans backing Horner as “Quislings,” said he doesn’t think the motion will hurt the party’s image.

“I get frustrated because a lot of people on that list only come out and say they’re Republicans when the want to stick it to Republicans,” Sutton said. “The rest of the time they say they’re an independent or a Democrat and support nothing but Democrats.

Dayton led Emmer by nearly 8,800 votes before the recount started. The State Canvassing Board is scheduled to review disputed ballots next week but it appears Dayton will continue to hold a lead regardless of the outcome of the challenged ballots.

Here’s the full list:

Arne Carlson

Al Quie

George Pillsbury

Peggy Leppik

Neil Peterson

Dennis Ozment

Roger Scherer

David Jennings

Ed Oliver

Lynne Osterman

Dave Bishop

Bill Schreiber

Art Seaberg

Rod Searle

Dave Durenberger

Doug Kelley

Joanell Drystad

Al Olson

Here’s the audio of the debate:

Republican Tom Emmer also addressed the convention. You can listen to his speech here:

  • That list looks a lot like a list of moderate Republicans that have been driven out of the party by its sharp turn to the right fringe.

  • Jamie Delton

    These quislings chase away needed new blood like repya

  • Chris

    That’s odd, because according to all the polling data I’ve seen, Horner took more votes from Dayton than from Emmer. The MN GOP should be thanking him and his supporters.

    Some poll that came out after the election showed 37% of Horner voters listed Dayton as their second choice and 28% listed Emmer. I can’t find a link to it, but I remember this being posted, probably on Polinaut.

    In any case, here’s Survey USA’s last poll before the election, (showing Dayton with a 1-point lead, so it’s basically on the money) and its crosstabs show Horner taking more votes from self-described Democrats and liberals than from Republicans and conservatives.

    If it hadn’t been for Horner, Dayton’s margin probably would have been a little bigger, and we wouldn’t be in a recount right now with Republicans plotting a banana republic coup to extend Pawlenty’s term.

  • Jeanne

    First of all, listening to the audio, if the person who brought the motion forward was compelled to repeat 3 times, “This is not a witch hunt”…. well, I guess it is.

    Second, they’ve just alienated themselves even further from those Republicans who are not “extreme” in their viewpoints.

    Third, there’s some pretty big names on that list; those that can host a fundraiser and bring in some big money.

    Hope the Republicans who supported this motion know they’ve shot themselves in the foot. Good luck with that.

  • Ryan

    Stay classy, GOP!

    I hope that moderate candidates will get a boost from the shunned Republicans.

  • joe repya

    Thanks Jamie. Sadly this kind of mean spirited and thuggish retribution won’t help the MNGOP cause. Instead of attacking those Republicans who supported Horner, the party should set up teams to reach out and bring them back into the party fold. However, that won’t happen with the current group of pathetic party leaders. The MNGOP was lucky to catch the national wave in 2010 and capture the MN House & Senate, but that was because only 55% of the state voted.

    In 2012 the MNGOP will need every vote they can get. Every MN House & Senate seat will be up for election. It is a Presidential year and Minnesota hasn’t voted for a GOP candidate since 1972 and the voter turnout will be much higher. In addition, the MNGOP’s behavior (especially that of Chair Tony Sutton) on the recount and possible legal fight will cause a backlash against the MNGOP in 2012. The MNGOP has become a major embarrassment. That is why many like me have left the MNGOP and will remain gone until this current crop of childish party leaders are replaced with adults that understand the only way to build lasting party strength is by following Ronald Reagan’s “Big Tent” principles. No wonder the MNGOP is broke and lacking volunteers for the recent recount.

  • Jamie Delton

    I don’t dispute horner helped us. But horner is no Sue Jeffers. I dispute ANY serious repubplican supporting horner. These are heavy hitters who of all people should understand we win united and lose divided. Sutton and Brodkorb have always done right by me and demonstrated outstate success . Anyone challenging them on the pretext they’re not mature I’d be suspicious of.horners big-gov,state-contract lite-rail crowd is not significant enough to “bring back into the party fold” assuming they were ever there.

  • Mike Triggs

    Remember this was the party that endorsed Alan Quist over a sitting Republican Governor….they lost the governor’s race by nominating candidates who were unelectable. When you give Minnesota voters candidates like Arne Carlson, Al Quie, Dave Durrenberger & Jonelle Dyrstad they win elections…otherwise you’re looking at a republican nominee who can’t win elections. MIKE TRIGGS former Executive Director of Minnesota Repubican Party

  • Decker

    I’m a Democrat, but I’d do that , too if I were on the other side. Remember Randy Kelly? Basked in Bush’s spotlight and sang about how once he was lost, but now he was found? Disloyal turncoats. There’s no place for them.

  • Red Rivers

    Notice that the only people caterwauling over the expulsion of the turncoats that – let’s not forget – campaigned *against* the party are…


    Here’s an idea, DFL; why don’t you start your own party! Where you could make up your own rules about what your “members” can and can not do!

    And I’m glad someone mentioned Randy Kelly. Any DFLer who whines about these traitors but who voted against Kelly for endorsing his conscience (correctly, as it turns out) are too hypocritical to bother with.

  • Mike Downing

    What is missed is the fact that this motion would never have passed if delegates would have stayed until the end of the meeting MANY people left early after all the congratulatory speeches.

    What was left was a group of whiny sore losing “adapted children” who’s feelings were hurt when their candidate lost to Dayton. Once again this well organized minority missed the clear predictions from polls last spring that Seifert would beat Dayton and Emmer would lose to Dayton.

    They should hold a mirror up to themselves. Old has beens like Arne Carlson & Al Quie did not cause the defeat (Look at the KSTP election day poll data. Horner took more DFL voters away from Dayton than Horner took away from Emmer.). This well organized minority just backed the wrong candidate.

  • Jamie Delton

    Horner took fewer votes from Emmer than Dayton? Horner should have taken ZERO. The fact that he tried to split the ticket at all and his big-government agenda should have been a clue to ALL Republicans to stay away. Horner garnered at least 5 points less than any losing metro Republican state wide candidate in St. Paul and probably Mpls. Same with Steve Carlson who opposed Teresa Collett in CD 4.

    Nothing prevented these Quislings from voicing their concerns at the endorsing convention at the Mpls Convention Center. I remember nothing about us wanting to increase spending or increasing the budget for HHS at the expense of other commissions. Nobody walking by with “Raise my taxes” lit.

  • Jim Bendtsen

    When you give Minnesota voters candidates like Arne Carlson, Al Quie, Dave Durrenberger & Jonelle Dyrstad, if you win elections, you’ve elected Democrats, and MN has far too many of those in office now. Mr. Repya, Reagan’s big tent did not include pathetic RINOs. The MN GOP did not censure anyone who had not already left the Republican party. Those RINOs’ rebukes are not permanent anyway. They certainly have any opportunity to change their ways and redeem themselves, although I’m certain they have no real interest in supporting anything approaching conservative principles.

  • Joe repya

    Mr. Bendtson, the MN GOP continues to be an embarrassment. Yes, Reagan did include what you call RINO’s and that is why he was successful at winning two terms as POTUS. The MN GOP is a publicity nightmare and with the current crop of childish leadership will lose all it gained in 2012. The only pathetic Republican is one that is so close minded that they can’t see the forest from the trees.