Klobuchar votes for tax bill

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar released a statement today on why she’s supporting a bill that would extend Bush era tax cuts for another two years. The Senate got the sixty votes needed to move the bill ahead for the full vote.

Here’s the release from Klobuchar:

“I am voting to move forward with this bill because we cannot afford to sock the middle class with an average $3,000 tax increase at this time. While I voted for and strongly favor allowing the tax rates for the wealthiest Americans to go back to the Clinton levels, the middle class benefits of this bill outweigh the parts I disagree with. I will continue to work to include provisions both in this bill and next year that focus on a long-term plan to responsibly reduce the deficit.”

  • Allen Gratz

    Senator Klouchar,

    As of today (Tues. the 13th of Dec.) I now understand that the bill the Senate is now trying to pass as the “tax bill” has more pork spending also included in it for stuff that is insane. I recommend that you not vote for such a bill as we need to cut the spending, not spend more. Along with cutting taxes, we need to cut the spending!!!!!

    I’m tired of hearing that solutions to our problems are always to throw more tax dollars at them. So much of our hard earned tax money is wasted. If this spending keeps up, those who vote for it and don’t cut the crap in Washington will further pay for it at the ballot box as they did this Nov. Thank you for your time.


    Al Gratz