Emmer says he’ll withdraw some challenged ballots

Emmer news conference from tommy scheck on Vimeo.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer says he’s withdrawing some of the challenges he’s made on election ballots to speed up the recount process. Emmer held a news conference a few minutes ago saying he’s not planning a lawsuit over the unresolved election right now, but he wants to hear an opinion from the State Supreme Court on his pre-recount petition over the state’s unmatched numbers of voters and ballots

“We must know what the Supreme Court’s reasoning is in denying our petition and we must also know the updated Statewide Voter Registration System looks like so we can make a determination of how many potential extra ballots exist and whether that number would be material to the outcome of the governor’s race.”

The Minnesota Supreme Court is expected to issue an opinion on the reconciliation issue, but he hasn’t seen one yet. Emmer says there were tens of thousands of unmatched ballots and voters during the 2008 Senate race recount. Emmer trailed Democrat Mark Dayton by about 88-hundred votes prior to the recount.

You can read the full story on his newser here.

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