Dayton plans public signing of Medicaid order

Governor-elect Mark Dayton will follow through on his promise to make Medicaid expansion one of his first actions, and he’ll do it in a high profile way.

Dayton announced today that he will sign an executive order to pursue the federal health care funding during a public ceremony on Jan. 4, in the Capitol Rotunda. Dayton says the move will provide new or improved health care coverage to more than 95,000 Minnesotans.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty rejected the early expansion option because of the additional state spending it requires. Pawlenty also opposes the federal health care overhaul that created the expansion.

  • Karl

    How refreshing it will be to have a governor who puts the health and welfare of Minnesotans ahead of his cheap, pandering and hopeless political ambitions.

    Good riddance, Timmy. We’ll be waiting for you around the next bend.