Cravaack speaks at GOP luncheon

8th District Congressman-elect Chip Cravaack says he and other newly elected Republican members of Congress are eager to change the focus in Washington.

Speaking at a Minnesota Republican Party lunch in downtown Minneapolis, Cravaack accused Washington lawmakers of ignoring the will of the people by spending too much money and failing to focus on job creation.

My conservative freshmen and I understand the nation’s focus is on issues like creating jobs, reining in spending and decreasing the national debt,” Cravaack said. “It’s time for priorities of the people to, once again, set the agenda in Washington.”

Cravaack pledged to repeal or “de-fund” the Democratic-led health care overall. Cravaack defeated long-time DFL Congressman Jim Oberstar who is the most senior member of Minnesota’s Congressional delegation.

You can listen to the full speech here:

  • Dennis Holman

    While I appreciate the recording and posting of the remarks of Representative-elect Cravaack, much of this recording is inaudible. None of the questions and comments from the audience were picked up. Considering the current state of technology, this “oversight” is deplorable.