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Republican Tom Emmer will be on TPT’s Almanac tonight.

Democrat Mark Dayton will be on MPR’s Morning Edition this morning. You can listen to that interview at 7:20. I’ll post audio of it on the blog later today.

On Thursday, Emmer’s campaign filed a request with the State Canvassing Board to change the recount rules.

The Supreme Court set a schedule for the Emmer motion that was filed on Thursday. The court set aside time for Monday afternoon for oral arguments, if needed.

Dayton characterized Emmer’s motion to the MN Supreme Court as “strange to me.”

Dayton launched a transition website.

The recount could impact MA expansion funds.

Under the Dome

Lockheed Martin is shuttering its plant in Eagan, impacting 1,000 jobs.

Pawlenty, a former Eagan City Council member and State Representative from Eagan, offered incentives, through the next governor, to save the facility.

Thomson Reuters will also cut sixty jobs in Eagan.

DEED reported that Minnesota added 14,000 jobs in October. The state’s unemployment rate held mostly steady (moved from 7% to 7.1%).

The U of M picked Eric Kaler as its next president.

The state released a scorecard of hospitals and clinics.

The state’s top bridge engineer, now retired, got performance bonuses after the I-35W bridge collapse.


Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke takes aim at China for keeping their currency artificially low.

President Obama forces a showdown with the GOP over an arms pact.

The U.S. is deploying heavily armored tanks to Afghanistan for the first time.

The delegation is split on a vote to extend unemployment benefits.

DFL Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken make one final push to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s spokesman says Bachmann never turned down a spot on the Appropriations Committee. It was reported that she declined the spot.

The Ethics Committee voted to censure New York Democrat Charlie Rangel.

Bachmann gives a few warm words to Charlie Rangel.

GOP Rep. John Kline looks to scale down the federal Education Department.

Kline also voted to extend the earmarks ban for two years.

The Star Tribune says the earmarks ban may sink some state projects.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Gov. Pawlenty tells reporters in San Diego that a Democrat won the governor’s race in Minnesota. He later backed off.

Pawlenty tells the New York Times that a Republican memo suggests the RNC didn’t have an effective ground game in 2012.

ABC says Pawlenty isn’t excited about the prospect of Michael Steele staying on as RNC Chair.

Pawlenty also goes after the public employee unions. “Frankly, the public employee unions would stick a shiv in all of us if they could,” he said.

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour says he picked Pawlenty to be vice-chair of the RGA so Pawlenty can learn how to raise money.

Politico says Mitt Romney held a conference call with donors and said his staff will be smaller and his presidential campaign will start later than four years ago.


DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar says she’s not focused on her reelection yet.

Roll Call is focused on it and writes about her possible opponents. The one to watch, according to several GOP heavyweights, is Laura Brod.


There won’t be a Digest next week. I’ll be working through Wednesday and will write on the blog. I just won’t be getting up at 5:30am to do it.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    That’s pretty harsh language Pawlenty uses to describe his employees. Gotta be great for morale over in St Paul. Of course, Pawlenty would stick a shiv in his own Grandmother if it gained him a couple of points in Iowa. So it goes.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    While we’re on the subject of Pawlenty’s miserable failure as Governor of Minnesota, why does he start romancing Lockheed-Martin now, after they’ve put the corporate wheels in motion to leave Eagan? Where was the ex-Gov when these decisions were made, and there was a real possibility of saving those 1,000 jobs? Oh, he was out campaigning for a job he couldn’t possibly handle if he were 5 times as competent is he is? Oh, well, then, never mind.

  • Jon

    Regarding Lockheed, what’s the difference between “significant and innovative incentives” and a bailout?

  • Jamie

    “pretty harsh language Pawlenty uses to describe his employees…”

    Well, of course, they’re so not HIS employees. But I understand and ageree with what Ralph is saying. Pawlenty is despicable. That’s a horrendous thing to say. He’s also a hypocrite because so many of his cronies have high-paying state jobs. Republicans think government workers are evil except for the ones they give jobs to.

  • Jon

    The GOP will never put Laura Brod up for the US Senate given her sexual indiscretions with a state legislator from another state. The affair is well known which begs the question – just how dumb are ambitious politicians?