Recount Day 1: Dayton picks up 24 votes

The results from the first day of the recount show Democrat Mark Dayton picking up votes in the race for governor.

The Secretary of State’s results show Dayton picking up 20 votes from the ballots recounted compared to the ballots counted on Election Night. Emmer lost four votes.

The results also show Emmer’s campaign is challenging ballots at a more than three to one rate than Dayton’s team. Emmer challenged 281 ballots. Dayton challenged 86 ballots.

44.65 percent of the vote has been recounted. 56 counties have finished their work. Most of them are rural counties.

One side note: Renville County didn’t report its results in time but Renville County Auditor Larry Jacobs says Emmer picked up one vote from his Election Night totals. He also says Emmer’s campaign legitimately challenged one ballot.

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