Post election review: Dayton picks up 15 votes on Emmer

Local elections officials have submitted their post election reviews to the Secretary of State’s office and they show Democrat Mark Dayton picking up 15 votes on Republican Tom Emmer. County election officials are required to do hand count reviews of a few random precincts to ensure that the election machines are operating correctly.

The reviews show that Dayton gained 18 votes during the post election review. Emmer gained three votes. The new results mean Dayton will lead Emmer by 8770 votes after the State Canvassing Board meeting on Tuesday – a small enough margin to trigger an automatic recount.

The reviews show Dayton picked up three votes in Hennepin County and eleven votes in St. Louis County. Dayton also picked up three votes in Sherburne County and one vote each in Isanti, Mower and Rice Counties. He lost one vote each in Crow Wing and Fillmore Counties.

Emmer lost two votes in Hennepin County. He also lost one vote each in Dakota and Anoka Counties. He picked up one vote each in Dodge, Isanti, Lake of the Woods, Olmsted, St. Louis, Scott and Stearns Counties.

The results have not been added to the Secretary of State’s website yet A spokesman for Secretary of State Mark Ritchie says the results will be combined when the State Canvassing Board meets on Tuesday. The results are unofficial.

And the totals could change once again depending on what the Supreme Court orders after it hears oral arguments on a GOP petition this afternoon.

Here is post election review document (provided by the Secretary of State’s office).

  • Cletus

    Count on those Libs to steal another election. I voted for Emmer because he hates taxes and he’s a family man. I live in a closet….

  • Michelle

    Quit the whining and accusations, Cletus. So tired of the babies on the right crying when elections don’t go there way. Let them tell it, no one ever votes for a Democrat. No “ACORN” must have caused every outcome they don’t like. GROW UP and face reality for once.

    Oh and, go DAYTON!

  • Mike

    Right on, Michelle! GO DAYTON

  • Yep

    After the Republicans stole 2 presidential elections, I don’t think you have anything to complain about Cletus. Why don’t you go french kiss your sister some more – she is lonely.

  • Troy

    Have you noticed that Republicans often refuse to concede when they’ve lost elections? They insist on dragging it out for as long as they can.

    Tom Emmer refuses to concede in Minnesota

    Joe Miller refuses to concede in Alaska

    Steve Cooley refuses to concede in California