House DFL leader not expecting recount changes

While election officials statewide are recounting ballots in the governor’s race, some are also taking another look at the results of three House races.

Automatic recounts are underway in Districts 15B, 25B and 27A. Republicans are holding narrow leads over DFLers in all three contests. In 15B the margin is just 10 votes. But the soon-to-be House Minority Leader, Rep. Paul Thissen, DFL-Minneapolis, said today that he doesn’t think the recount will change those results. Here’s Thissen’s statement:

In addition to today’s gubernatorial election recount, three automatic recounts are also underway in what turned out to be a number of close races for the Minnesota House of Representatives. Tight contests have become routine in legislature. Ultimately if 400 Minnesotans had voted differently on November 2nd, Democrats would still be in the Majority.

The House DFL Caucus trusts in the accuracy of the election results, the election officials and the process. Even though these races are extremely close, we do not anticipate changes in results because of the recounts.

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